That’s encouraging

So my TA just told me that it is like impossible to get an A in her class… That was definitely a real mood booster :(

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old treasures

My dad got a bunch of his old stuff yesterday and found a typewriter! I tried it out today and it is AWESOME! I can’t wait to start typing on it! If only I didn’t have any homework and more time…

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Lately I have been overthinking everything I do. Whether its the food I eat, the homework I do, what time to wake up and even whether or not to use a certain pen. I’ve learned that overthinking leads to unnecessary anxiety and stress. Stress equals more unwanted things. So I’m turning a new leaf and trying to go with the flow. Mellow like jello.

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Trying Something New

So, I am going to blog about something everyday as practice in order to practice my social media writing skills. (Sorry if they sound like useless crap, but I doubt anyone reads my tumblr anyway so yea..)

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how is so perfect?

look at all those chickenths

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